The Legend of The Natural Bridge

Many hundreds of years ago members of the Monacan tribe were being persued. They came to a chasm and without another option they prayed to Great Spirit and a path appeared where there was none in order that they were able to make a safe passage forwards.

The Founder’s story of the The Bridge Healing Center

The legend of the Bridge is very similar to the real story of the birth of The Bridge Healing Center. In 2016, I was in an “impossible” life circumstances for me to keep going. I believed that through faith, determination, perseverance, and following my inner knowing that I would be guided safely to the other side to do my true life purpose and life mission work. I was shown that I would need to found something that wasn’t for me, but was truly for the greater good of all, a non profit with the mission to empower each person to become the best version of themselves. To create an opportunity where dreams can manifest, and each person as an equal can find and be encouraged to live their best life! And so it became The Bridge Healing Center.

Building Community. Growing Together.

Are you seeking community? Deeper meaning and A purpose driven life? Facing a challenge or obstacle that seems insurmountable? At a crossroads ready for the breakthrough to up level to your best you? Are you ready to share your unique gifts with the world? Looking for alternatives in health and lifestyle? 
If you have answered yes to any of these, then the bridge healing center may be for you! We facilitate the space for this and so much more!
Are you a teacher or practitioner in a modality of healthy living, wellness, art, spirituality? If so, and you think it would be a good fit please reach out to us, to join the bridge community.
Are you a crafter, artist, manufacturer, or importer of products that offers items from American handmade crafts or fair trade from other cultures, wellness, organic, sustainable, or unique products? If so, please let us know, and we will get you the information for working with us!
Do you have an interest in community outreach? Collecting donations of food, clothing, and survival gear for our donation center to help those in need locally? Do you have items to donate? Please reach out to us for working with the bridge outreach to volunteer!
If you are looking for a great community and collective of individuals coming together for a common purpose, we would love to have you join us. Visit our retail store in person, a festival or event within the community, our event center, follow us on facebook, online, or anywhere else that you can find or access the bride products and content.
Let’s cross this bridge together!

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